Donald Rumsfeld

ARTICLE   |   The New York Review of Books

February 06, 2014
ARTICLE   |   The New York Review of Books

January 09, 2014
AUDIO   |   This is Hell! with Chuck Mertz

Mark Danner reviews the Donald Rumsfeld decade in Iraq on This is Hell! with Chuck Mertz, WNUR Chicago. 
December 21, 2013
ARTICLE   |   The New York Review of Books

December 19, 2013

Mark Danner discusses "Rumsfeld's War and Its Consequences Now," his provocative recent article in The New York Review of Books, with Ian Masters for "Background Briefing," KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles. 
December 17, 2013

Mark Danner speaks with Errol Morris after the screening of his film, The Unknown Known, at the 2013 Telluride Film Festival. The film explores the years that Donald Rumsfeld influenced American policy, from the Vietnam War to the Iraq War.
September 01, 2013

Mark Danner spoke with Errol Morris about his latest film, The Unknown Known, which profiles former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, the man behind the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The edited interview was published in Telluride's The Watch. Listen to the unedited conversation here. 
August 29, 2013

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