Rethinking Washington’s Counterterrorism Strategy

What are alternative ways to combat global terrorism other than the post-9/11 strategy of perpetual war?
After the September 11th attacks, the United States quickly devised a strategy to combat global terrorism that still largely is playing out today. America has built an extensive counterterrorism apparatus almost as powerful as the former Cold War military complex, and our military and paramilitary intelligence agencies continue to pursue terrorist groups in an ever-expanding range of territory. In northern and central Africa, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, overt and covert military action, air strikes, drone attacks, assassinations, detentions, and interrogation are increasingly the face of American foreign policy.
Peter Leyden With Mark Danner, Rachel Kleinfeld, Stephen Walt and Suzanne Nossel

Mark Danner discusses Washington's Counterterrorism Strategy on a virtual roundtable with Peter Leyden, Rachel Kleinfeld, Stephen Walt and Suzanna Nossel. Part of the ReInvent media series. 

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